Victoria, Australia

Sunshine is a rare commodity to us Brits, its chance appearance gives us a collective sense of national holiday, exposed flesh and inescapable sunburn. Temporarily forgotten is the taboo which prevents midweek swiftys as the long sunny evenings prompt the delightful slip off the straight and narrow. Here’s my take on a necessary fridge staple..

Australian producers ‘Innocent Bystander’ have created a wine which (in their words) “Tastes like kisses and if it were any fresher you’d slap it!”. I first tried their 2012 Pink Moscato in Vinoteca as an aperitif, it made such an impression I’ve kept coming back for more. Slurping this wine on a sunny midsummers evening is the answer to lifes problems and will bring out the child in anyone. It is bubbley, pink, sweet, crisp and fun – the perfect summer sipper. A pale fizzy blush,  with notes of strawberry, sherbet and toffee apples. Although off dry unfortunately the sweetness becomes a bit much after a couple of glasses/bottles, maybe they make it in ½ bottles with this in mind ensuring that they leave you wanting more. Its meant for drinking young, the bottle cap keeps the wine fresh and fruity adding to the novelty value.

So, Embrace your inner child with this cheeky pink – its was made for strawberries, sunshine!

Drink it; at the park, as an aperitif, as a summer substitute for a Bloody Mary… Did someone say Breakfast Wine?!